Don’t let one little wood scratch spoil your favourite piece of furniture

When you have an antique piece of furniture you have a choice – either put it in a room nobody ever visits or use it.  Hiding beautiful pieces away doesn’t make sense, so it’s inevitable that furniture in areas where there are people about will suffer the odd scratch or scuff.

A lovely piece of furniture can become tired and old looking and it’s easy to think ‘now it’s damaged, it’s not worth much’.  There is another choice – many scratches are at surface level and can be removed and even deeper scratches can be disguised so that they become almost invisible.

With an expert in charge, your favourite pieces can be revitalised and regain their original beauty.  Gentle abrasion can remove surface scratches and scuffs on legs, pedestals and other surfaces, whilst deeper scratches can be treated and hand coloured to blend in so they are barely noticeable.

Don’t let a few scratches take away your pleasure in a beautiful piece of furniture.

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