Give your table a new lease of life

Tables come in all shapes and sizes and can take a good deal of punishment over the years.  Whether you have:

  • A family dining table that has acquired heat marks and scratches
  • An occasional table that has been watermarked from being used for plants
  • A coffee table that’s been scratched and suffered the occasional spills
  • A tea table that’s been well-used and is past its best
  • A games or card table that needs recovering and smartening up

In fact, no matter what shape or size your table, if you’d like it to look its best a little professional care will bring about an amazing change.

With marks and scratches removed, reduced or disguised and the application of the right polish, some elbow grease and a lot of knowledge about how to make wood look its best, your table will get that new lease of life.

A table that’s been ‘just there’, will become a talking point when your visitors admire it.  Give your table its place in the spotlight – all it takes is an email to [email protected] or phone us on 01245 3537080.


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